Judith is a victorious woman whose actions reflect an unconditional love for the salvation of the people of God.  I believe people of today can greatly benefit from hearing and learning her story.  I believe the Holy Spirit is truly going to work miracles at this retreat.

-Lydia Britton, Mother of 4 Children and Liturgist, Kissimmee, FL 


Our peace and joy are dependent upon our response to our pain.  At the Judith Retreat, women can embrace new perspectives of their suffering and prayerfully practice loving responses to their personal crosses.

-Monica Breaux PhD, MSW, Mother of 5, Grandmother of 10,  Catholic Therapist, Phoenix, AZ


The women of today are incredibly injured by the culture of death, yet they are God’s instrument in the saving of the world.  The Judith Retreat will be very uplifting.

-Sue Brinkmann, Author and Blogger for Women of Grace, Sellersville, PA


Suffering permeates women and so the healing of their wounds also will permeate them.  The great gift of women is their ability to trust.  The Judith Retreat will do wonders for women.  

Molly Kelly, Mother of 8 and Grandmother of 16, International Chastity Educator, Horsham, PA


The men of today are afraid to get in touch with their emotions while women are generally not. A healing retreat for women will be much easier.  The feminine genius will see value and  they will soak up the healing.

-Ryan-Marie Houck, Mother of 5 and Wife of Founder, Quakertown, PA


Judith has a David and Goliath parallel.  She takes on the wounds of the Israelites just like mothers absorb all the wounds of their children.  Healing for women will be made possible at this retreat.

-Kathleen McCarthy, Mother of 12, Grandmother of 52 and Great Grandmother of 8, Healing Ministry, Telford, PA


Judith is empowered and she knows it, yet she is broken through her own suffering as a widow.  Through prayer and fasting she finds the answers to her problems and so will the women at the Judith Retreat.

-Chris Tray, Father of 4 and Grandfather of 3, Music Ministry and Samson Healing Retreat Leader, Quakertown, PA


Knowing The King’s Men, I’m sure this retreat will be great!

-Meghan Cokely, Director, Office for the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Philadelphia