The retreat will take place Thursday evening through Sunday morning (4 days and 3 nights). The Judith Retreat will activate two major themes: 1) the story of Judith and 2) the way of the sorrowful Mother, Mary. Lectures, discussion, group sharing and activities will be designed to develop these major themes and their meaning for the women on the retreat. The Eucharist will be the center of the healing for the weekend. Mass will be offered each day and there will be times of adoration to help foster a listening heart for all retreat attendees. There will be a living Gospel experience for the women which will enable them to experience intimately Christ’s love. The women will also be encouraged to ponder further Mary’s role in the midst of their healing and pain through an artistic activity that will take them into deep meditation on Mary’s Seven Dolors.

The retreat does not take a clinical approach to the healing of the women, but an entirely sacramental one. There will be times for women to experience the sacrament of Reconciliation and talk with wise women very acquainted with the feminine healing journey.