10 Things We Learned About Women from Judith Retreat

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The 2nd Judith Healing Retreat will take place at the beautiful and peace filled Fatima House in the early summer 2017.  The inaugural retreat was truly anointed and provided all that we could ever have hoped for the women who attended.  Our Leader Team has decided to continue to offer this retreat to women on an annual basis.

The lessons we learned about women from the inaugural retreat were plenty.  Here are 10 in no particular order:

1.) Women will talk longer than the schedule permits requiring on the fly schedule changes and flexibility:).

2.) Women will stay up very late sharing what is on their heart.

3.) Women like quiet time to reflect on what they are experiencing at retreat.

4.) Women love chocolate and coffee!

5.) Women draw peace and security from the strength of men who are standing guard while they experience Christ’s healing love.

6.) Women love Monsignor Mike Mannion (Judith Retreat’s inaugural chaplain).

7.) Very few women know the story of the Old Testament heroine Judith.

8.) The 7 Sorrows of Mary have great application for the women of today.

9.) Women are very courageous in the midst of great stress and crisis.

10.) Women like to sleep in when given an opportunity to do so.

We have learned  much from this retreat and we are implementing the necessary changes for the next one June 22-25.  Will you join us?  Please prayerfully consider attending my dear sister in Christ.

Mark Houck

Founder of the Judith Healing Retreat for Women