Over the last 10 years, The King’s Men (TKM) has been approached by many women who loved the work of TKM. Often, they would ask if there was anything that we offered for women. Our response was always the same: “it needs to come from the women”. With our mission being building men as true leaders, protectors and providers, it seemed prudent to not focus on such.

However, it has become apparent that there is a continued burning desire from the women of the men we serve for programming. The thought that perhaps TKM can offer something for women to assist in their collective healing journeys in light of what we are learning from our existing Samson program is the genesis behind the Judith Retreat. After much discernment, a program aimed at helping heal the wounds of our dear sisters in Christ is in total alignment with our mission as an apostolate. And so we are blessed to announce and offer the Judith Healing Retreat for Women.

-Founder, Mark Houck